Green company

Our mobility plan carry out 4 major objectives

1. Increase mobility.

As it becomes more and more important to optimise movement within organisations and balance work and private life, We facilitate movement that improves employees’ wellbeing.

3. Invest in innovative solutions.

Germany already intends to ban sales of petrol cars by 2030 and other countries will follow. Cronos International wants to be a pioneer and prepare its organisation to face the challenges of the next decade.

Several years ago we also decided to enter the ISO 14001 certification process.

2. Reduce our ecological footprint.

Cronos wants to play an active role in preserving the environment and will therefore offer in its mobility policy a combination of several transportation means, be it a company car (petrol, hybrid or full electric), public transportation, car sharing options or bicycles (also electric). The use of electric cars will be encouraged by proposing additional free services, like charging stations and free parking.

4. Optimise car fleet costs.

Optimise transportation costs to invest in diverse environmental initiatives.

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