How do we establish our culture

We FOCUS on the objectives and needs of every client.

We DEVELOP and maintain long term strategic partnerships. Our partnerships are based on an honest and professional commitment to integrity and service.

We ACKNOWLEDGE our employees as the key to our success and continuous improvement.


We believe that Together Everybody Achieves More!
At Cronos we have a no nonsense structure. Everything is done in order for people to exchange ideas, debate and solve problems together. This is what makes us stronger.

We work hard, but we also know how to have fun together and celebrate our achievements… We organise yearly bonding events. Team building is an essential part of our strategic operations.

These are very important moments where our people can network and enjoy the Cronos International team spirit.

Company values influence an employee’s behaviour and attitude greatly and serve as broad guidelines in all kind of situations.



Fearless, collaborative exchange of ideas and information at all levels of the organisation, in a transparent, consistent and credible manner.
– We have an obligation to communicate.
– We take the time to talk and listen to one another.


Honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behaviour that is never compromised.
– We work openly, honestly and sincerely with actual and potential customers.


We treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.
– Understanding and accepting each other’s needs, recognising each other’s qualities, rewarding each other’s contributions and supporting each other’s ideas and aspirations.


The drive to continually improve.
– Everyone has to make a clear commitment to learn (on their own, as a team member and as an employee).


Needless to say, private and public organisations have different objectives but they can still share a culture and values as well as have a strategic alignment that allows both structures to collaborate at a partnership level.

Cronos International has proven its ability to be broadly and generally flexible enough to adapt to the objectives & needs of Supra-national institutions (e.g. the European Commission, the European Parliament, Eurocontrol, etc.) and to communicate with them in confidence and openness regarding any arisen challenge.

Green company

Our mobility plan describes the general scope of the mobility options that we offer to our employees.

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